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Potencial delays:


Thanks to the pandemic hoax and release of an experimental gene therapy in order to control the world population growth and natural resource consumers birthrate, postal companies are busier because many people worldwide are locked up at home because of the excessive measures taken by their misinformed/corrupt governments, more products are ordered online :)

There is also considerably less air traffic which is used for freight, so that shipments stack up in sorting centers and it takes longer for these extra shipments to be processed (PostNL, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, ect.).

NL 1 - 5 working days
EU 3 -7 working days
International mainly USA/Canada 9 - 27 working days


For all countries that do not belong to the European Union, all packages may be inspected / held up.
Customs may hold a maximum of 30 days, this includes weekend days.

Local holidays:

On these days the postal companies are largely closed, it is also busier than usual from the beginning of December till the end of January and the delay can be an average of several days to a week depending on the destination country.


In every country it can happen that postal companies strike for various reasons, the delay differs per country per strike, is generally not common.

Additional info from the United States Postal Service (also for Canada and Australia):

*start quote

Dear Madam / Sir,

You have contacted us about your shipment for the final destination of the United States (USA). We would like to inform you about the status of this shipment.

Delayed shipment due to US backlog

Due to major personnel and logistical problems, due to the corona virus, the US postal service (USPS) is unable to process and deliver mail and parcels within the US on time. Unfortunately, this causes major delays. On average we see that it takes 9–27 days longer to deliver a shipment and in some cases even more than 6 weeks. So where we normally find with a long delivery time that a shipment may have been lost, that is probably not the case now.

Incorrect tracking information

To update the backlog as quickly as possible, mail and parcels with barcode are currently not scanned upon arrival in the US. This means that the last status of your shipment is missing. In that case, it looks like the shipment is still on its way, even though it has already arrived in the US. Status information will not be resumed and updated until the shipment arrives at the mail sorting center in the US.

Delivery started again

The situation is special, because the US postal service is claiming force majeure as a result of the corona crisis. This means they are exempted from adhering to the agreed delivery times. PostNL therefore switches daily with USPS and we see that processing is now starting again.

We understand that the delay is annoying, because of this exceptional situation we ask for extra patience and understanding. We assume that your shipment will be delivered despite the delay.

*end quote

DHL Express Package:

(averages in business days, not weekends or holidays)

DHL Parcel Package:

(averages in business days, not weekends or holidays & CHECK the current delays on the top of the page!)

PostNL Envelop & Package:

(averages in business days, not weekends or holidays & CHECK the current delays on the top of the page!)