Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?

That depends on your country and shipping method, check the “transit time” page.

How does the material reality come to be?

Our material reality is created give or take 22 trillion times a second from all the current states of consciousnesses at all those moment within that second, it's also destroyed 22 trillion times a second. That's why we can't travel back and forward in time.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes I ship worldwide.

Is there an exact copy of me in this universe?

You are made of a certain amount of atoms and molecules, if the universe is infinite then all possible arrangements of those atoms and molecules will be available and thus when there are no different arrangements left to explore, you will end up with an exact copy yes.

In fact there will be infinite copies of you.

Do you even lift bro?

Not really.

Why don’t you reply on my email within a day?

I have to respond to a lot of people, please be patient I will help you a.s.a.p. when I have the opportunity.

How many orders get lost in transit?

Last years 99,6% arrived at it’s destination, so that’s 0,4%.

What’s the purpose of life?

To live totally and explore every dimension of life before you drop dead, which does not mean partying every night.

How old are you?


Is there levitation technology via thought and vibrational frequency already available?

Yes since the 50s.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email after my order?

Check your spam folder, if not there please check if you have entered your email address correctly.

What’s the space time continuum?

Space and (our known) time act as one. Only because there is cyclical time, physical can be measured and is possible. When there is no cyclical time, physical is not possible.

There is another dimension of time which is not cyclical in nature, the greater non-cyclical time, here there is no physical possible.

I want to send an email with an attachment but I can’t upload it to the contact form?

Send that email directly to

Can I pay in US dollar?

You can pay in any currency after you select your payment method. You can however select EUR, USD and GBP to be displayed on the website by selecting them in the currency selection tab.

Can you build me a custom controller?

Yes, email me via the website contact form.

How much does a custom controller cost?

Depends on the specifications, can range from € 100,- up to € 2000,-.

What’s your favorite game, movie and song?

Zelda Ocarina of Time, The Matrix and Igorrr - Tout Petit Moineau.

What’s your IQ?

Over 9000.

Will money bring happiness?

No, money will open doors but will not bring the happiness you are looking for, it is a tool.

Can I return my product for a refund?

Yes within 14 days, shipping costs are not refunded. Check the “Returning Policy” page.

Do I need to enter a voucher code before I pay for my order?

No, but you can find voucher codes with some partners and random on my social media pages.

Are the cases of the PS1 original games you sell cracked?

No I do my best to make sure they will have no crack but can contain minor scratches from wear age, if you would like a new original case scratch free contact me before you purchase the game.

My order should have been here already, now what?

Check if your provided shipping address is correct, if so there can be a delay in the transit time.

Orders shipping towards non EU-countries will have to go through customs, this is the most common delay and can take up to 30 days but is very rare, a couple days is normal.

What happens after I die?

You will become a part of the cosmos once again, you will still exist but in another form.

The more intense your karmic structure is the more you are visible as a ghost in this dimension, because you are not yet ready to enter a new body.

If your karmic structure is weak and you have done everything you needed to do, you will easily find and enter a new body.

You will be confronted with your past life before starting a new at the "way station" and will have the option to learn or ignore from this confrontation.